Bodin Isaara's intense on-court fight at 2013 Canada Open

Swetha Image Courtesy: insidethegames 05 Oct, 2017

Badminton, being known as the fastest game in the world that witness smashes, on-court screams, mental and physical behavior of the players and the most importantly, sportsmanship.


With its global staging alongside the rise of game’s standards with numerous rules and regulations in the sport, it’s uncertain to see verbal-physical encounters that rarely happen even in the international tournaments.


One such incident had witnessed in 2013 at Canada Open between the opponents.


The fight started with the exchange of verbal abuses between the Thailand contenders Bodin Isaara and his counterpart Maneepong Jongjit, who were playing in the men’s doubles.


The referee warned both the players but the intense exchange of words between them added fuel to the fire. Jongji, earlier in the conflict, allegedly hit Isaara with his racquet, which provoked the confrontation between them.


Isaara who chased Jongjit around the arena, finally caught the latter and rained several punches on him, eventually one of the players ended with bleeding. The duo, who previously reached quarters together at London Olympics 2012, competed against each other at the Canada Open 2013.


BWF was not flattered after the footage went viral over the internet.

 Video Courtesy: mybadminton net/Youtube

As quoted by BWF, a statement read, “Thailand player, Bodin Issara, has been suspended for two years from all tournaments sanctioned by the Badminton World Federation while his compatriot, Maneepong Jongjit, has received a three-month ban.


"This decision by the BWF's disciplinary committee follows the two players' involvement in an altercation while competing against each other in the men's doubles final of Canada Open.

Issara was found guilty of five breaches of the BWF's code of conduct relating to inappropriate conduct, oral abuse, physical abuse, unsportsmanlike conduct and conduct contrary to the integrity of the game and was banned for two years. 

The victim, Maneepong Jongjit was also suspended for three months for his part in the incident.


"In addition, Issara will forfeit the world-ranking points and prize money earned from the said event."


As a result of his action, Issara along with his partner Vilailak Pakkawat, were disqualified, with the match being awarded to Jongjit and Nipitphon Puangpuapech.

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