P V Sindhu charges into the finals of Korea Open; to face Okuhara for Gold


Swetha Image Courtesy: GoBadminton 16 Sep, 2017

Sindhu enters final of Victor Korea Open Super Series 2017 after thrashing World no. 6 He Bingjiao of China and made her first ever entry to enter Korea Open.


Sindhu defeated Bingjiao in 66-minute encounter by 21-10, 21-17, 21-16.


In the opener, Sindhu grabbed the early lead and extended it to 5-0. Sindhu using her height well, made Bingjiao to run and dive around the court. The chinese managed to save the point by the interval with Sindhu leading 11-4. Never giving an inch to the Chinese to breath, Sindhu had been very rapid in exploiting Bingjiao’s slow movement. She leads at 17-7. Ten game points for Sindhu at 21-10 and the game was taken at 21-10 with an ease.


After switching the sides, the first rally was really long  making the score level at 1-1. Bingjiao managed to level the score till 2-2. Sindhu holds the control. At interval the scoreline reached 11-6 in the favor of the Rio Olympics Silver medalist. World no. 6 trying her best to fill the gap. She started to make her move, making everyone believe her to revert back at 10-12. With the instant and fierce cross-hand returns, the Chinese tried her best to reach Sindhu at 13-12. Sindhu being stick to the body smashes, made her opponent to move around the corners  at 15-12.


Finally Chinese’s effort is paid off as she reached 15-15 and leading the game at 16-15. Sindhu started missing the points as she hit the bird wide and made few unfortunate errors at the net. With this Bingjiao saved four consecutive points by 20-16 and sealed the game at 21-17, pushing the match to the decider. That was a big turnaround play by the Chinese.


As the decider started, the game already heated up. The duo played who’s-in-lead game, making the spectators to expect least about the winner. By Chinese's backhand defends at the corners and the Indian's  body smashes, they reach 5-4 in Sindhu’s favour. At 6-4, Sindhu won the 41-shot rally. The game makes the come back with neck-to-neck scores at 9-9. Bingjiao maximum saved the points at the net. Sindhu forced her opponent to send the shuttle wide with the scream at 10-9. At the interval, Sindhu leads 11-9.


Confused in the first game, estimating the moves and hits in the second game, the Chinese made a comeback to match the aggressive returns of the Indian. The game was very unpredictable. After the break, Bingjiao wins a challenge with her shot landing on the baseline at 13-11 with Sindhu in lead.  With the great spinning shot from the Chinese, she trails 14-16. 

At 18-14 with the ruthless body smash at the speed of 306 kph, Sindhu owns it.


At 19-16 the Chinese goes wide followed by net cord at 20-16 in the Indians favor. The match is taken by the India’s favorite, Sindhu with 21-16 to make it to the finals.


This was the ninth meet between the Chinese and the Indian - Chinese leading head-to-head of 5-3. Their last meet was in April this year, which was won by then World no. 7 Bingjiao finishing with 21-15, 14-21, 22-24 at Badminton Asia Championship.


Sindhu will face her World Championship 2017 finals opponent, Nozomi Okuhara  in the final encounter on Sunday. Finals match is going to be very intriguing, as we would be seeing another great match between the 2017 World Championship finalists. 

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